Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday's Faces From the Past - The Unknown Bride

A beautiful bride in a beautiful dress but unfortunately I have no idea who she is.

I found the photos - which, I guess are from the 1930s - amongst my cousin Michael's belongings, so the couple may be relations of either of his parents.

Michael's mother was Lillian Thompson (1913-1989) whose parents were John William Thompson and Annie Newnham.  Michael's father was Ernest "Billy" Barton (1900-1980).

Both the Thompson and Barton families were living in the North Yorkshire / County Durham area during the 1930s.  However, Annie Newnham's family came originally from Woolwich, London and the Barton family had Liverpool connections.

I have inherited a number of unidentified photographs and would love for them to find their "family".  Which sites would you recommend for posting "lost" photos?

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  1. I agree, a beautiful photo! I've had some luck with for posting lost photos.

  2. She certainly is a beautiful bride! Best of lucky with finding out who she was! I think posting it on your blog is a great start, and letting the internet do the work for you! Make sure you tag or "label" you post with your cousins name and other helpful information which might help the browsers direct people to your post who can identify it! Also make sure you share your post with your family. They might have the same photo in their album but labeled!