Friday 15 February 2013

Welcome to "The History Hop"

I have only been writing my history blog for the last 5 months, but I also have another blog about my life as a mum that I have been writing for longer.

One of the things that I love about the mums' blogging community are the weekly "blog hops".  There are hundreds of them every week and they provide a great chance for bloggers to share their best posts of the week and to discover great new bloggers.

As I haven't been able to find any similar blog hops in the history blogging community - the blogging prompts at GeneaBloggers and the History Carnival are great but a bit different - I've taken it upon myself to organise The History Hop.

It's very simple - every Friday, you'll be able to come and link up one or more of your favourite posts and then check out what others have shared.  Posts from all areas and ages of history - ancient archaeology, military, social, high politics, cultural, genealogy, contemporary ethnography! - are all very, very welcome!

Please, feel free to grab The History Hop button and link to it from your blog.  And if you're interested in co-hosting please do drop me a mail at wecamefrom69 at

Anyway let's get this inaugural History Hop started ...

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  1. Did you get any response at all on the History Blog Hop? It sounds interesting. I just found your post.