I love researching family history and after 10 years have over 4,000 people in my family tree and have traced many branches of my family back many generations but have now got to a point where I am feeling downright frustrated with the whole thing.

There are certainly a good few missing people, riddles and family myths that I would still love to get to the bottom of, but I suspect I never will because there are very few written records available about the personal lives of my family who where - apart from a very dubious connection to John of Gaunt in the very distant past -  all small scale farmers and craftsmen or more recently thoroughly working class.

I really don't want to spend any more time adding to my tree the names of people I know nothing about and so this blog is intended as a place for gathering information about all the places in which my family worked, worshipped, studied, shopped, drank(!) and generally lived their lives in the hope that this will bring their stories to life.  In doing this, I also want to provide hints and tips to other family historians who would like to do the same.

If you're doing something similar or would like to, please do get in touch and share your insights, ideas and questions - guest bloggers very welcome.

I will be tweeting on: https://twitter.com/wecamefrom

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